Surrey launching Systems One this fall

July 8, 2010

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The Faculty of Applied Sciences is introducing a new cohort program called Systems One this fall for students entering their first year of applied sciences at the Surrey campus. All students intending to complete programs in mechatronic systems engineering (School of Engineering Science) or software systems (School of Computing Science) will complete their first year within Systems One. Combining core courses in both mechatronics and software systems, the faculty created this technologically innovative, direct-entry program to capitalize upon existing synergies between the two program areas and to provide students with a streamlined pathway into Surrey-based programs. For more information contact Marilyn Trautman at asadvise@sfu.ca.


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Vincent Penpenia

I might take this course on a part-time basis since I am working and only able to go to school after 5pm. Thanks.

James A. Dutton

Please advise on course outline specifics (System One)

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