Team up and double up, baby

May 28, 2010

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This year your donation to SFU’s Campus Giving Campaign will go further than ever. SFU is matching gifts of $10,000 or more made to new and existing endowments. But wait—before you choke on that coffee—that amount can be made up of multiple gifts from the same department and can also be made as pledges to be honoured over three years, or 78 pay periods. If 10 people in your department chip in, that’s a thousand bucks each over three years or 78 paychecks. So, your $1,000 pledge costs you only $12.82 per pay period—and the university will match it.  Your department’s $10,000 gift turns into $20,000, generating $800 per year in student support for generations to come. Not bad, eh? So send in your pledge form when it comes in the mail or donate online at or by calling Wanda Dekleva at 778.782.3093.


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