Three Canada Research Chairs renewed

April 8, 2010

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SFU stands to increase its strength in communication, surface chemistry and glaciology research with the renewal of three faculty members as Canada Research Chairs (CRCs).

Gwenn Flowers
Gwenn Flowers, an assistant professor of earth sciences, has been renewed as a Tier 2 (five-year, renewable once) chair in glaciology. Her current research involves field observations and computer modeling of glaciers in western Canada in response to climate change. The work has direct relevance to Canada’s water resources and natural hazards, particularly those in B.C.

Byron Gates
Byron Gates, an assistant professor of chemistry and 4D LABS director of nanofabrication at SFU has been renewed as a Tier 2 chair in surface chemistry. His research includes advancing the capabilities of nano-scale materials for use in imaging and drug delivery within biological systems, and creating new nano-scale materials that could have a significant impact on the nanoelectronics and biochip industries.

Yuezhi Zhao
Yuezhi Zhao, a professor and associate director of the School of Communication, has been renewed as a Tier 2 chair in the political economy of global communication. Her current research, a comparative analysis of transnational satellite TV news, examines the news agendas, ideological orientations and framing of key global issues and events on four global news channels—CNN, BBC World, China Central Television and Al-Jazeera.


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