Who’s Working on Sustainability at SFU?

September 23, 2010

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Who’s advancing sustainability initiatives on campus?

SFU Sustainability is an umbrella title that covers all official SFU sustainability initiatives and units on campus, such as the SFU Sustainability Advisory Committee and Facilities Services—Sustainability:

The SFU Sustainability Advisory Committee coordinates sustainability plans and programs at SFU. The committee consists of operational managers, such as the director of purchasing and the director of facilities services; faculty members, students and a UniverCity representative. The committee reviews priorities, develops strategic goals, recommends action to the president and vice presidents and acts as a hub for sustainability projects on campus. Learn more at

Facilities Services has been working toward operational sustainability for more than 20 years. While the department’s main focus has been energy conservation, there is now a new focus on waste reduction, water conservation and employee engagement. Learn more at

SFU’s Sustainability Coordinator facilitates and connects sustainability initiatives across all three campuses and provides education and engagement opportunities for campus members, as directed by the SAC and Facilities Services-Sustainability. The sustainability coordinator, Candace Le Roy, can be reached at

Sustainable SFU is a registered non-profit student organization.
It was founded in 2003 by three SFU students bent on advancing sustainability as a leadership imperative for the university. This organization sparked the development of the Sustainability Advisory Committee, the SFU Sustainability Festival and a formal student-research program. In 2010, Sustainable SFU won a referendum to obtain student fees for developing student-led sustainability projects. Learn more at

While the Faculty of Environment is not the only faculty working on sustainability related education and research, it acts as a hub for academic inquiry on sustainability and environmental issues and offers sustainability-related degree programs and research projects. Learn more at

Sustainability Ambassadors are staff members who volunteer as sustainability educators within their own departments. The SAC and Facilities Services run the program collaboratively. Learn more at

In addition to these groups, there are many initiatives, courses, programs and projects addressing sustainability on campus. Watch for a more extensive list to be published in 2011.


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