Mona Jalili

Winning co-op student

March 25, 2010

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As Canada celebrates Co-operative Education Week, SFU celebrates Mona Jalili, a 4th-year biomedical physiology and kinesiology (BPK) student and winner of the 2009 Canadian Association of Co-operative Education’s Co-op Student of the Year award. She is the fourth SFU student to win the award since 2002.

Jalili’s high cumulative grade-point average and natural aptitude for laboratory-based and clinical research contributed to her award-winning co-op work terms in the SFU lab of Stephen Robinovitch, Canada Research Chair in injury prevention and mobility biomechanics. Her research results, related to fall prevention in older adults, won the 2009 Best Undergraduate Research Award from the BPK department.


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Kaveh Naziripour

Congratulations to Mona for her hard work and brining the award under the name of our university, while setting a role model for other fellow students. Also, I think there should be a congratulations directed to Dr. Robinovitch for his firmament support. Keep up the hard work!!!

Mehran Moallem

Dear Mona,

It is so great to hear the news about the suceess of our Baha'i youth. I am very proud of you and your achievements in excellence in your fioeld of studies. I know you will become an inspiration for other Baha'i youth. i wish you all the best in life.

Mehran Moallem

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