World lit students launch new magazine

November 4, 2010

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Students in the world literature program have published a new literary magazine, Lyre. Although funded by the program, undergraduates run the magazine, working as its executive staff, editorial team and designers. “The writing and artwork in Lyre is by turns thoughtful, provocative and zany,” says program director Ken Seigneurie. It’s “a delight to read cover to cover, not as a student publication but as a literary magazine tout court.” The first issue contains prose, poetry, visual art, a travelogue and a play, all from SFU students. Though the first issue contains SFU student work exclusively, the magazine accepts submissions from university students worldwide. Its mission is to illustrate the high level of creative talent from all disciplines that often goes unnoticed. Lyre is available at all three campus libraries or download the PDF at www.fass.surrey.sfu.ca/wl/lyre. For more on the world literature program: www.fass.surrey.sfu.ca/wl.


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