Simon Fraser University


Better scholarships for BC's best and brightest

March 8, 2007

SFU is setting a new gold standard for post-secondary entrance scholarships in B.C.                                    

Beginning this month, high school applicants with a 95-per-cent or higher average are automatically eligible to receive the university's new BC Secondary School Academic Excellence entrance scholarships, worth $5,000 over two academic semesters.

"We recognize that at post-secondary institutions across the country a race is on to attract the best and brightest students," says entrance scholarship coordinator Stephanie Greaves.

"B.C.'s outstanding scholars will not find a better automatic offer at any other university in the province. Top-notch students can look forward to a top-notch education at SFU."

Last year, SFU awarded more than $2.8 million in entrance scholarships including hundreds of automatic entrance scholarships worth up to $3,500 to high school students with a minimum 90-per-cent average. The new $5,000 scholarships are in addition to these existing scholarships.

SFU has already begun sending admission offers to high school students, based on self-reported grades. Where appropriate, the admission packages include scholarship offers.

Greaves says that so far, more than 100 students can look forward to the happy news that their stellar academic performance has earned them a $5,000 entrance scholarship.

By Julie Ovenell-Carter