Simon Fraser University

SFU's Stoody second to Chinese champion

Jan 09, 2003 , vol. 26, no. 1

Competing against a world record holder brought out the best in SFU's Kathleen Stoody.

Pitted against 17-year-old Chinese swimming sensation Hui Qi of China during the SFU-hosted Clan Cup international swim meet Dec. 14 and 15, the third-year education student finished second behind Qi in the 50-metre and 200-metre breast stroke competitions.

Stoody was happy with her performance, shaving a second-and-a-half off her personal best time in the 200-metre contest and setting a new personal best in the 100-metre breast stroke the day before. With exams behind her, she was determined to just enjoy the meet.

“I'm pleased with the results,” says Stoody. “It was a great rush to swim against Hui Qi.” The Chinese swimmer won the 100-metre freestyle, 50-metre and 200-metre breaststroke in the span of 35 minutes.

In early December she set a new world record during the World Cup Three held in Shanghai.

Swimmers from China won nine of 13 individual events during the meet.