Simon Fraser University

New MBA program set for fall

Feb 09, 2002 , Vol . 23, No. 3

By Diane Luckow
A new MBA program focused on training financial services executives in the more sophisticated aspects of investment management will debut at SFU in the fall.

A depature from traditional, finance-oriented MBAs, the MBA in global asset and wealth management (GAWM) aims to provide students with a high level of expertise in the engineering and architectural aspects of strategic global asset and wealth management. While the program teaches the customary skills required for the efficient engineering of an investment portfolio, such as asset allocation and security selection, it adds a unique emphasis on the architectural aspects of wealth management, such as estate planning, ethics and client relationship management.

"Rapid advancements in information technology, coupled with an escalating interest in the global investment arena, is redefining the investment management industry," says Ernie Love, SFU business dean. "Its practice has developed a degree of sophistication that we haven't seen in the past - and which we must pass on to those working in this field."

To ensure the program's success, SFU busines has established an 11-member global asset and wealth management business council whose members rank among the top Canadian investment industry firms and organizations. They have paid $75,000 for a three-year term on the council and will advise on program direction and act as mentors for students.