Simon Fraser University

Students' research project on Olympics draws interest

Apr 04, 2002 , vol. 23, no. 7

What began as a research project last fall by SFU geography students on issues related to the Vancouver-Whistler 2010 winter Olympic bid, is attracting the attention of many interest groups.

The students' research focused on many areas, including transportation issues related to the bid, in particular, the problems posed by the existing Sea-to-Sky highway that would connect spectators to the games.

Carried out under the direction of SFU geography professor Mark Roseland, the study also looks at rail transportation, marine travel, goods movement and marketing.

Students looked at a range of related issues, including energy, waste management, public participation and education, urban design and corporate social responsibility.

They examined the challenge of making the games a model of sustainable community development, one of the new requirements of the International Olympic committee.

Students also focused on the issues surrounding two proposed athletes' villages in Southeast False Creek and Whistler. A summary report of the research is now complete and can be viewed here.