Simon Fraser University

Stevenson, books arrive in Vietnam

Jun 13, 2002 , vol. 24, no. 4

When SFU education professor Lannie Kanevsky went to Vietnam as part of a CIDA project involving SFU in preparing Vietnamese instructors to teach science, she sought a novel way to say thank you to her hosts.

Noticing the scarcity and cost of academic texts, she decided when she returned home to pursue ways to help.

“My hope was to collect some excess science texts at SFU and send them over to our recent graduates in Vietnam,” she recalls. Cooperation from colleagues at SFU abounded.

“Over the next six months, I spent any spare time I had pushing cart-loads of books from various math and science professors' offices back to education. Eventually, there were 50 boxes of books.”

Serendipitously, the books arrived in Vietnam at the same time SFU President Michael Stevenson was visiting that country as part of his recent Asian trip.