Simon Fraser University

New professors earn awards

Sep 04, 2002 , vol. 25, no. 1

Simon Fraser University assistant professors, appointed in the last two years, have collectively netted $550,000 in new Opportunity Funds from the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI).

Steven Robinovitch, a kinesiologist; Nadine Schuurman, an expert on geographic information systems (GIS) and Jeff Sonier, a physicist will use their grants to equip newly created, state-of-the art research facilities within their departments.

Sonier's $200,000 grant will enable him to purchase key components to set up a rare solid-state nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) facility. It analyses a material's surface, which often has the most interesting properties and physical phenomena applicable to the electronics industry.

Schuurman's $160,000 will pay for the setup of a geospatial data lab dedicated to resolving compatibility problems when geographic and spatial databases are overlapped. New computer hardware, software, and data sets will enable Schuurman to devise solutions for making health population, epidemiological and groundwater databases easily transferable among applications and institutions.

Robinovitch will use his $190,000 to acquire infrastructure for a centre of injury prevention, mobility and aging. The grant will cover the purchase of a 3D-motion analysis system for examining the neuromuscular and behavioural variables that underlie age-related changes in balance, fall protective responses and the performance of daily tasks.

The CFI is a non-profit corporation set up by the federal government to fund research infrastructure at Canadian universities.