May 23, 1996 Vol . 6, No. 2

Borweins take CUFA academic award

Internationally renowned mathematicians Jonathan and Peter Borwein have scooped the Academic of the Year award from the Confederation of University Faculty Associations of B.C. The two brothers won the award for the innovative work carried out at the centre for experimental and constructive mathematics (CECM) of which Jonathan is director and Peter is associate director.

The annual CUFA/BC award, now in its second year, recognizes faculty who have made an outstanding contribution in the generation, transmission or implementation of ideas. The award is supported by Prentice Hall Canada and Sun Microsystems of Canada.

CECM is a unique research facility which allows researchers to explore how mathematical analysis and computers work together. It is also at the forefront of computer-based communications, allowing public access to work carried out at the centre via the Internet.

Both the centre and the Borwein brothers hit the public limelight last year when Peter and Jonathan calculated the value of pi to a new world record. The brothers are also recognized for their ability to talk about complex mathematics in non-specialist terms, making the discipline accessible to a broad audience.

Peter and Jonathan Borwein

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