July 29, 1999 Vol . 15, No. 8

Heinrich set to leave for VP post at Regina

A long-time member of the SFU community is leaving the West Coast for land-locked Saskatchewan.

Kathy Heinrich (left), assistant to the VP-academic, is moving to Regina at the end of August to take over the position of VP-academic, at the University of Regina.

"Why did I apply? I don't know. I guess when I came back from Australia (early this year) I couldn't really work. You don't know if it's the job, or if you're just tired. I thought, maybe I should just retire, move on," says Heinrich, who's been at SFU since 1981.

The president of the University of Regina was searching for a VP-academic, and approached Heinrich.

"I was so flattered at getting called. A few days later I called him back and I said these are the kind of things I believe in. I'm going to tell you and at the end of the conversation you can tell me whether or not it's worth continuing this conversation. He listened and said I should apply for the job."

Heinrich says the university has much in common with SFU. "The University of Saskatchewan has the vet school, the medical school, all the big professional disciplines, much like UBC. University of Regina is very like SFU -- arts and sciences, business administration, education."

The University of Regina has about 1,000 employees, including faculty, and 9,000 full-time equivalent students.

Heinrich assumed her current position at SFU three years ago, following almost five years as chair of the mathematics and statistics department. She was the first woman to hold the latter post.

"I was really fortunate because I had opportunities to do all kinds of interesting things all the time. I sat on task forces, I sat on the senate, was involved in a lot of initiatives in the math and stats department and chaired some good committees."

One challenge the Australian-born Heinrich can't really prepare for is the cold of a prairie winter.

"I keep saying to people, I lived two winters in Waterloo (Ontario) and they go 'that's not cold.' And I say 'it was freezing' and they say 'you don't know anything. That's not cold.'"

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