March 22, 2001 Vol . 20, No. 6

Students strike gold

A SFU team of fourth year earth sciences student got more than it bargained for when it competed in this year's Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum student engineering exhibition competition.

The team took first place in the annual event, beating out last year's winner UBC and the British Columbia Institute of Technology. Both schools have well-established programs in earth sciences related studies.

This was the first year SFU's fledgling earth sciences department had a team in the 10-year-old competition and exhibition, which highlights innovative ideas for sustainable mining projects. This year's event attracted 90 industry and student attendees. Twila Skinner, a SFU team member, says, "Our main goal in entering the event was raising the profile of SFU's earth sciences department. We never expected to win."

The SFU team, which also consisted of Danae Voormeij and Andrea Cade, took home the first prize of $400 and the Jake Turnbull Memorial Trophy. A mining engineer, Turnbull helped pioneer the development of B.C.'s mining industry. The SFU team's winning entry was an interactive display called Mining and the Environment. It illustrated how seepage from mine tailings can be traced using hydrogeological and geochemical techniques.

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