Magazine chooses intellectual leaders

January 27, 2005, vol. 32, no. 2

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In its November edition, Vancouver Magazine asked: “Is the city too pretty to be smart?”

And then it went on a 13-page hunt to identify the city's leading public intellectuals. The first place they looked (last summer) was under the dark green Philosophers' Café umbrella on the beach at Ambleside and spoke to Yosef Wosk, director of continuing studies' interdisciplinary programs and mastermind behind SFU's philosophers' cafés.

Launched in 1998, the cafés have attracted 30,000 participants to a wide variety of locations from Penticton to Vancouver Island and West Vancouver to White Rock.

Among those listed as the city's intellectual leaders are several from SFU including: political scientist Marjorie Griffin Cohen; criminologist Neil Boyd; dancer Judith Marcuse, who teaches in the undergraduate semester in dialogue; Mark Wexler, business administration; Mark Winston, biological sciences; university chancellor Milton Wong, and Yosef Wosk, who, the magazine says “cultivates Vancouver's intellectual discourse like a diligent gardener.”

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