Pact signed with Cheonan U.

February 09, 2006, vol. 35, no. 3

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SFU's faculty of education and South Korea's Cheonan University have signed a letter of agreement recognizing one another as affiliated institutions and pledging to develop a cooperative relationship.

The agreement includes the joint development of short- and long-term programs in early childhood education curriculum development, instructional design, teaching methods, and quality assessment and evaluation.

It also includes initiatives to promote academic cooperation and cultural exchange between Korea and Canada.

Ian Andrews, the education faculty's director of international initiatives, says he views the early childhood education initiatives as the beginning of a long-term relationship that may lead to international collaboration on learning disabilities, special education and literacy programs.

Cheonan University was named the best university in Korea by the Korea education committee in 2000 and is widely recognized for its studies in cultural education and educational reform.

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