Student life - photo contest

February 23, 2006, vol. 35, no. 4

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Lani MacGregor photo, Student life photo contest    SFU student Lani MacGregor took this photo (left) of fellow field school student Joanna Li, taking a nap outside the Gothic Cathedral in Milan, Italy. The shot earned MacGregor a tie for first  prize in the student life category of SFU international's annual photo contest. 






Windmill photo by Dustin Budden    SFU student Dustin Budden took this shot of a windmill at dusk in Vlissingen, Zeeland, The Netherlands. The shot earned him first prize in the places category of SFU international's annual photo contest. The photos, along with winners and runners-up are on display in the Bennett library foyer from Feb. 27 to April 9.

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