Readers give opinions in SFU News survey

March 04, 2004, vol. 29, no. 5

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Our thanks to the 426 people who took the time to respond to last November's SFU readership survey and air their opinions on the newspaper and its direction.

We learned, for example, that only 35 per cent ever read SFU News online, with 80 per cent of responders preferring to read the paper in print.

What's more, a majority of responders read most or every issue and a heartwarming 32 per cent read all or almost all of the articles, with most others taking time out to skim through and read a few of the articles.

The newspaper received its highest marks for appearance and writing style. Interestingly, most readers don't feel it is important to see more colour in SFU News.

The most-read articles are those that encompass campus news, with more than half of responders reading human interest features, staff and faculty profiles, research news, profiles and the opinion page. Articles devoted to the board of governors, senate, administrative news, awards and honours and sports found less favour with most readers, who said they would like to see less coverage of these topics. There was a significant interest in reading departmental profiles, an interest that we'll try to accommodate.

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