Program develops international leaders

March 10, 2005, vol. 32, no. 5
By Marianne Meadahl

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A collaboration between SFU and Capilano college's McRae institute of international management will pave the way to greater education and career opportunities for students in the area of international leadership.

The two institutions are working together to offer a dual credential post-graduate program with a post-baccalaureate diploma in international management awarded by Capilano college and a master of arts in international leadership offered by SFU.

The two institutions have been collaborating for the past year and a half and will continue to refine details over the coming months. The program is expected to be launched by September 2005.

The new professional masters degree will prepare students to work internationally in leadership positions within private industry, non-profit organizations and government sectors. Its academic content will be made up of interdisciplinary course work largely developed specially for this program. Practical experience will be gained through an international internship to be arranged in collaboration with the McRae institute, which has a long-standing diploma program in this area that includes internship placements.

"The unique mix of academic study and work experience in the field is invaluable in building a student's understanding of leadership in an international, cross-cultural setting," says SFU President Michael Stevenson.

"There is a great and growing need for academically trained professionals to provide leadership in developing societies and we are delighted to have this opportunity to work with Capilano college and the McRae institute in taking this highly successful program to the master's level."

"Both SFU and Capilano college share a common goal of expanding the international educational and work experience for their students," says Mitra Kiamanesh, chair of the McRae institute. "This agreement will provide us with a possibility of reaching this goal more effectively and will offer our students a greater range of options for pursuing their education and careers."

The program allows SFU to take another strategic step in the development of academic programming for the international sphere. An undergraduate program in international studies is currently under review, while planning for a school for international studies has begun.

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