Ten honorary degrees awarded

March 10, 2005, vol. 32, no. 5

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Each year during June and October convocation ceremonies, SFU awards honorary degrees to individuals whose outstanding contributions have made a difference to our world. For 2005, SFU will honour 10 individuals:

• Michael Audain, doctor of laws. Audain is chairman and chief executive officer of Polygon Homes Ltd. and a significant patron of the arts.

• Alfred Bader, doctor of science. Bader is co-founder of Aldrich Chemical Co., now Sigma-Aldrich, the world's largest supplier of research chemicals. As well as a chemist, he is also an art historian and dealer and a philanthropist.

• Jack Blaney, doctor of laws. Blaney, a president emeritus of SFU, was most recently chair of the Citizen's Assembly on Electoral Reform and chair of the Fraser Basin commission.

• Lieutenant-General Romeo Dallaire, doctor of laws. An international leader in humanitarianism and conflict resolution, Dallaire, served 35 years with the Canadian Armed Forces. He is renowned for exposing the failure to stop the worst genocide in the 20th century in Rwanda in 1994.

• Leila Getz, doctor of fine arts. Getz is founder and director of the world-renowned Vancouver Recital Society.

• Alma Lee, doctor of letters. Lee is founder and the current artistic director of the Vancouver International Writers Festival.

• Brandt Louie, doctor of laws. Louie is president and CEO of B.C.'s fourth largest company, H.Y Louie Co. Ltd. He has been a member of SFU's board of governors for five years and is currently chair of the board. He is also chair of SFU's capital campaign.

• Allan Luke, doctor of laws. A SFU education alumnus, Luke is a distinguished international scholar in the field of education and is currently dean and head of the centre for research in pedagogy and practice in Singapore, the largest funded educational research centre in the Asia Pacific.

• Jeffrey D. Sachs, doctor of laws, honoris causa. Sachs, an internationally renowned economist, is a leader in the area of sustainable development and poverty reduction. Time magazine recently named him among the 100 most influential leaders in the world. He is currently director of the Earth Institute at Columbia University and Special Advisor to UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan on the Millennium Development Goals.

• Bing Thom, doctor of laws. Thom, principal of Bing Thom Architects Inc., is one of Canada's foremost architects. He designed the Surrey Central City project, home of SFU's new Surrey campus.

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