March 24, 2005, vol. 32, no. 6

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2005 operating grant
President Michael Stevenson reported that discussions are still ongoing between SFU, the provincial government and the University Presidents' Council regarding the finalization of the university's 2005/2006 operating grant. As a result, finalization of the university's budget has been delayed.

External reviews
Senate concurred with recommendations from its committee on university priorities (SCUP) to follow through with implementing suggestions emanating from external reviews of SFU's school of kinesiology and department of molecular biology and biochemistry (MBB). A committee of faculty from McGill University, the University of Washington medical school, the University of Ottawa and SFU reviewed SFU's department of MBB in March 2004.

A committee of faculty from McMaster University, McGill University, University of Manitoba and SFU conducted a similar review of the school of kinesiology in April 2004. A summary of the reviews and responses to them may be obtained by contacting Glynn Nicholls,director of academic planning and budgeting at 604-268-6702, or

New programs
Senate approved and recommended to the board of governors the creation of the following new programs: joint honours program in molecular biology and biochemistry and business administration; minor in international and global education in the faculty of education; certificate program in Italian studies and a post baccalaureate diploma in special education for educators and healthcare professionals.

Research ethics review
Senate approved a revision to the composition of the 2005 committee to review the policy and procedures for ethics review of research involving human subjects.

Election of faculty members to board
The matter of overlapping terms of faculty members on the board of governors was settled at senate for the 2005 elections. As a result, in the upcoming elections one faculty member will be elected for a three-year term, and the other faculty member will be elected for a two-year term. In subsequent elections, the terms will be three years. Having overlapping terms will assist in continuity on the board. Senate has jurisdiction in determining the rules of all elections carried out under the University Act.

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