$1.3 million earmarked for aid

April 01, 2004, vol. 29, no. 7

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A 15 per cent increase in tuition fees equals $8.7 million in additional revenues in 2004-05. Of that, $1.3 million is earmarked for scholarships, bursaries and awards, leaving a net revenue increase of $7.4 million.

Student financial assistance (including scholarships, bursaries and awards) in 2004-05 will total $15 million, up from $11.7 million last year. Included is a one-time, $985,000 top-up to the bursary fund from the non-recurring budget.

Of the university's $268 million operating budget, $181 million will be swallowed in salaries, wages and benefits. The remaining $87 million is spent on student financial assistance, and other items like utilities, library acquisitions, travel, and office supplies.

A 1.3 per cent reduction in the base budget is equivalent to a 4.2 per cent cut to non-salary expenditures - or $3.4 million less to spend on expenses unrelated to salaries, wages and benefits.

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