Global aspirations fulfilled

April 07, 2005, vol. 32, no. 7
By Miguel Strother

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For 20 sfu students, the classrooms in the academic quadrangle just aren't big enough to house their global aspirations. In September they'll travel to Chandigarh, India, the capital of the Punjab and Haryana states, with SFU international's field school director Don Northey for an eight-week field study.

“This program will give students opportunities to participate in a different cultural setting, to investigate the role of education and to develop a global perspective,” says Northey. Northey has traveled extensively to places such as Mexico, Nicaragua, Jamaica, and Japan to teach and work on community development projects, but says he has a special place in his heart for India.

I first travelled to India in 1971,” he says. “It opened my life to the role of diversity, the rich cultural history of India and helped me to question my thoughts on development and education.”

The program is open to any student who has accumulated 60 credit hours, but is particularly relevant to those students who wish to enter the professional development program (PDP) in the faculty of education and become teachers.

“India offers a rich opportunity to explore intercultural and international approaches in education while being able to use English in a variety of contexts,” he says.

The program will involve a variety of experiences, including visits to local communities, meetings with community organizations, exchanges with other university students, cultural events, volunteer work and home stays with Indian families.

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