$30,000 raised for Clan athletes

April 29, 2004, Vol. 30, no. 1
By Marianne Meadahl

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More than 200 business leaders,
alumni and supporters of athletics programs paid tribute to former SFU chancellor Barbara Rae and former Clan student athlete and Olympian Bob Molle March 19 at an event to raise awareness and funds for student athletes.
The second annual Legends and Leaders breakfast raised $30,000 for student athlete financial assistance and brings the two-year total to $50,000.
Rae was honoured for her role in spearheading the It's Her Game campaign, a drive to raise $1 million for an endowment to benefit SFU's female student athletes. The campaign is more than half way to its goal.
Rae and her husband, George Suart, former SFU VP-admin-istration, share a long-standing interest in university athletics, particularly basketball. She joined the campaign because of its target of enhancing opportunities for young women.
“For most of my adult years, women have been taking an increasingly major role in society, added to the activities of the home, with unparalleled responsibilities in the economic sector,” says Rae, a former speed skater. “Team sports plays a crucial role in preparing young girls, as it has done for boys. They need to learn the nature of competition, risk-taking and teamwork. They need experience in learning to take direction from others, being accountable and developing leadership qualities.”
Molle competed in both wrestling and football for the Clan. He was the first heavyweight wrestler to win four straight National Association of Intercollegiate Athletes (NAIA) titles. He later won a silver medal at the1984 Olympics. Success also came on the football field. Molle was a first round draft pick by the Winnipeg Blue Bombers and has two Grey Cup rings to his credit.
Meanwhile, proceeds from a fundraising dinner on March 17 hosted by SFU has helped Daniel Igali secure the funds necessary to begin construction of his school in Eniwari, Nigeria. The total has now reached $200,000. Igali, who who recently returned from a 10-day visit, says the response to the fundraising event was beyond his expectations, and that planning can now begin. He also celebrated with his family his recently secured spot on the 2004 Olympic wrestling team.

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