Safety fair at three campuses

May 12, 2005, vol. 33, no. 2
By Diane Luckow

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SFU's annual safety fair has grown to encompass all three campuses, with information and displays about fire safety, personal safety, wellness, ergonomics, emergency preparedness, safety committees and safe handling of hazardous materials.

“Safety awareness education and training are one key to sustaining excellent safety records at SFU,” says Apollonia Cifarelli, SFU's manager of occupational health and safety. She says SFU's low number of laboratory incidents is likely due to the university's semesterly laboratory safety training for laboratory employees, graduate students and research assistants. As well, there are on-going efforts to minimize more common incidents such as tripping and falling, back injuries and repetitive strain injuries.

The safety fair, says Cifarelli, is another opportunity to inform and educate the community about safety resources and initiatives.

This year's fair featured information on health promotion, accident prevention, emergency preparedness and response, and personal safety. The Burnaby RCMP attended for the first time, handing out information on crime prevention and personal safety tips. SFU Surrey's fair included a lunch and learn session focused on personal safety.

“SFU is a very safe place,” says Cifarelli. “Our goal is to keep it safe. To be successful, we need everyone's commitment and effort.”

For the past four years, SFU's safety fair has won first prize in the B.C. education sector for safety activities during the North American occupational safety and health week.

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