Occupational Safety and Health Fair

May 18, 2006, volume 36, no. 2

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A mannequin named Kelly was one of the feature attractions at this year's North American Occupational Safety and Health Fair at SFU Burnaby. Kelly was garbed in gear to protect her from asbestos, a hazardous material once used for insulation. Job-related mishaps killed 188 people in B.C. last year. The fair attracted about 450 visitors at SFU's three campuses. Those who visited a number of exhibits intended to educate them about health and safety issues on the job were encouraged to get a passport stamped to make them eligible for prizes. SFU bookstore manager Mikhail Dzuba won one of the top prizes, a laser printer. Earl Christensen in library receiving won the other, a night at SFU's Simon hotel.

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