Jessica Tilley: Governor General's Silver Medal

May 26, 2005, vol. 33, no. 3
By Diane Luckow

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Jessica Tilley is the consummate learner. Winner of the Governor General's silver medal, she recently completed her second undergraduate degree, this time in archaeology. She already holds an undergraduate degree in mathematics and a master of science in statistics.

It's the second Governor General's medal for Tilley, who also won it in 1998 for her high grade point average during her mathematics studies at Acadia University near her hometown of Halifax.

Tilley arrived at SFU two-and-a-half years ago after giving up her job as a statistician with St. Paul's hospital to pursue her interest in archaeology. Now that she has her degree, however, she's uncertain about her future plans.

“I'm taking the summer off and I'll decide what I'm doing after that,” she says. “I've created a monster book list (classics from around the world) and I'll work through that over the summer.”

It's a well-deserved break. Tilley worked hard to maintain a grade point average of 4.276, the highest among all undergraduate students in the faculty of arts and social sciences. “It was a different learning experience for me,” she notes, since the archaeology program is essay-based whereas her past degrees were focused on mathematics and statistics.

Now, Tilley is interested to see if she can find a way to meld statistics with archaeology as she ponders a new career.

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