Archives go back to future

September 08, 2005, vol. 34, no. 1
By Diane Luckow

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Watch for two special 40th Anniversary displays from the SFU archives.

One display, called Movers and Makers, depicts SFU's beginnings, with interesting photos and stories that include then-UBC president John Macdonald's report citing the need for another post-secondary institution in B.C.

A second display in January will focus on SFU's years of protest.

Both displays can be found on the ground floor in the Maggie Benston atrium.

In the corridor from the atrium to the archives office will be five, smaller 40th anniversary displays featuring women at SFU, sports, the arts and SFU's evolution to include two more campuses as well as off-campus programs like the Secwepemc Education and Cultural Society program in Kamloops.

A special archives 2065 display puts today's archival records into perspective, examining how history might be affected by the new electronic world where digital media deteriorate and records like email are so easily deleted or lost.

“Hugh Johnston had so many resources available for writing his new book” says SFU archivist Frances Fournier. “Unless we act soon to preserve access to SFU's digital records, authors writing in 2065 will likely have a much harder time.”

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