New, improved SFU News

November 03, 2006, Volume 37, No.5
By Stuart Colcleugh

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Simon Fraser University News gets a new — and newsier — look and approach today.

It features shorter stories, more pictures, more colour, and a more dynamic, attractive and easier-to-read makeup — all aimed at making SFU News more interesting and friendly for our readers.

As time goes on, you'll also see more quick-hit stories and "teasers" that refer readers to SFU News-on-the-web for more details, longer stories and full reports.

SFU News, too, will get its own new webpages as part of the redevelopment of the university's main site.

The artistic brain (and heart) behind the newspaper's new design is Jennifer Conroy, an award-winning print designer with the SFU Design Group at SFU Vancouver.

Conroy started by reading and researching online to get a sense of the challenges other newspapers were facing in terms of readership, circulation and advertising and how they responded to the challenges.

"I looked at a lot of newspapers' before-and-after redesigns to see which ones had been successful, particularly in terms of higher readership numbers," says Conroy. "And I looked at which publications had won awards both in Canada and internationally and applied some of the best ideas to the redesign."

The result, says SFU News editor Diane Luckow, is a crisp, bright, informative, easy-reading paper that meets the needs of today's readers and provides plenty of opportunity for the creative presentation of photos, information and graphic elements.

"We believe we've got a real winner," says Luckow, "and we think our readers will agree."

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