Volunteer hosts sought for holiday program

November 04, 2004, vol. 31, no. 5

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SFU international is looking for SFU faculty and staff to participate in the second annual home-for-the -holidays program.

The program aims to match a minimum of two international students with each participating SFU faculty or staff member for a holiday meal Dec. 24 or 25.

Elaine Fairey, associate university librarian at the Bennett library, hosted three international students last year and says both her family and the students all had a great time.

“Two of them were computing science students, one from Russia and one from China,” says Fairey. “They both lived in residence and told me that spending the holidays in residence really makes them feel a long way away from their families.”

“Many international students never have the opportunity to visit a local home,” adds Carolyn Long, international student advisor with SFU international. “It's an experience that can really enrich a student's time in Canada and help them to feel more connected to the community.”

It's also a great way for Canadian families to learn about other traditions and perspectives. Last year, says Long, the program was just a pilot and was fairly small.
This year, she'd like to be able to match up each interested student with a family. To apply to be a host, download an application form at www.sfu.ca/international and return it to SFU international by Nov. 19.

All applicants will be contacted by Dec. 10. For more information, contact Carolyn Long, 604-291-4328 or clong@sfu.ca.

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