New heights reached

November 16, 2006, Volume 37, No.6
By Erica Branda

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SFU's Reaching New Heights fundraising campaign ended on a high note, reaching above the $125-million goal to raise more than $130-million. Of special note is the tremendous increase in support from faculty, staff and retiree donors, who increased their overall campus campaign donations from the previous average of $25,000 per year, to $275,000 and $298,000 in the campaign's final two years. In all, campus community support grew by close to 1200 percent.
As a result of this generosity:
• Funding for student financial support has more than doubled.
• 13 research chairs have been created in a wide range of areas.
• New athletic fields and facilities are supporting professional sports teams, SFU's competitive athletes and a slate of new recreational programs.
• New facilities such as the Segal Graduate School of Business in downtown Vancouver and SFU's new Surrey campus are providing more flagship programs and easier access to a high-level education.

These advances will help to attract outstanding scholars to SFU and improve the university experience for more than 6,000 students who join SFU each year. Fourth year science student Joel Zylberberg is an example. He has already produced enough research findings for four scientific papers. He came to SFU because of enhanced scholarships. Courtney Brown, fourth-year kinesiology student and captain of SFU's undefeated national championship women's basketball team, has also benefited from donor generosity. Team members in all sports are required to keep high grade point averages, despite hours of training. Scholarships help.

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