Science dean Plischke honoured

November 30, 2006, vol.37, no.7

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SFU science dean Michael Plischke has been made a fellow of the American Physical Society (APS), an honour afforded less than half of one percent of the group's membership each year, for his outstanding contribution to physics. A 30-year veteran physics professor and condensed-matter theorist, Plischke was recognized for his “seminal work on the statistical mechanics of complex systems, including alloys, random magnets, classical fluids, aggregation, random surfaces, interface growth and deposition, and vulcanization.”
Founded in 1899, the APS is one of the world's largest physicist organizations, with about 42,000 members in academia, government and industry. It publishes more than a dozen science journals, including the prestigious Physical Review and Physical Review Letters, and organizes more than 20 science meetings each year.

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