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November 30, 2006, vol.37, no.7

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Catch Jazz and other Musical Vespers at Renaissance Coffee in the Cornerstone Building at the Burnaby campus. The open-mike event (Sundays 1-3:30 pm) is so popular that it often stretches until 4 pm. It features Jazz for Kicks, a band started by SFU education grad Michael Cummings and his master's supervisor, education professor Alan MacKinnon, and includes SFU doctoral grad Jim Morrison.

Audience members eagerly pick up and play shakers, drums and beaters brought by Morrison. “It's cool to sometimes see five or six players up front and at least another five or six in the audience providing the percussion to a Fats Waller tune,” says Cummings. In their day jobs, Cummings teaches Grade 4 students in Coquitlam; Morrison works with special needs adolescents through the Surrey School Board.

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