Writing centre open house scheduled for Jan. 22

January 08, 2004, vol. 29, no. 1
By Diane Luckow

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As the university moves towards a new undergraduate curriculum, slated for implementation in September 2006, the centre for writing intensive learning (CWIL) is preparing for a Jan. 22 open house.

Staff and faculty are invited to view course samples, outlines, and bibliographies, as well as chat to other faculty who have already woven writing intensive learning into some of their courses.

CWIL is a resource centre for faculty in all departments that will be proposing to pilot writing intensive courses to conform to the new curriculum guidelines. One guideline specifies that all undergraduate students must take two writing intensive courses to graduate.

Open for just one year, CWIL has already provided workshops for 200 faculty and teaching assistants and assisted with 18 writing intensive learning pilot courses across the humanities, arts and social sciences. Planning is under way for new courses in math, biology and physics as well as additional new courses in the faculty of arts.

CWIL director Wendy Strachan (above) expects 2500 students will be enrolled in writing intensive learning courses by the fall of 2004. By September 2006, when writing intensive courses become a requirement for all undergraduates, 6,000 students will be enrolled.

“We have a really strong base of resources and we'll work with faculty on a single writing assignment or at the level of an entire new course,” says Strachan. “One size doesn't fit all. We're still in the midst of developing, learning and finding out what works.”

Archaeology associate professor Dana Lepofsky reworked an introductory archaeology course last fall, archaeology 201, to include writing intensive learning assignments. “It was great learning for me as a teacher,” she says. The open house takes place in AQ 5040, from noon to 2 p.m.

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