Website follows path of early immigrants

January 08, 2004, vol. 29, no. 1

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SFU's museum of archaeology and ethnology is undertaking a technological venture that will take learners into the past following the footsteps of the earliest immigrants to the New World.

Together with the learning and instructional development centre (LIDC) the museum is setting out to create an interactive website on the peopling of the New World.

This site will examine several of the leading migration theories on how the first inhabitants made their way to the New World of the Americas.

The project is being funded by the Virtual Museum of Canada investment program through Heritage Canada. The program's goal is to provide funds to facilitate the availability and accessibility of Canadian museums online.

Led by museum curator Barbara Winter and LIDC director David Kaufman, the project aims to bring Canadian archaeology alive to students and the public using leading edge new media. The site will consist of sections related to primary, elementary and high school students, with content tailored to meet the B.C. school curriculum, as well as those at the college/university level.

The site will feature maps, web links, a glossary, and age appropriate games. The final product will also include a teacher's guide to assist with integration into the classroom.

Fully bilingual, the site will feature audio as well as text for use by the visually and hearing impaired.

The preliminary site will be field tested in schools and by the general public and will be ready for use by July 2004.

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