Physiotherapy clinic open to all

Jan 09, 2003, vol. 26, no. 1
By Diane Luckow

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SFU plumbing foreman Warren Parsons (left) receives ultrasound treatment from SFU physiotherapist Danny Reid. All SFU students, staff and faculty are welcome to use the services of the SFU physiotherapy clinic.

SFU physiotherapist Danny Reid is eager to provide service to the SFU community, yet his office in the health, counselling and career centre has experienced a marked decline in visitors.

He attributes the downturn to the B.C. government's January 2002 decision to discontinue initial coverage for physiotherapy treatments.
As well, he suspects that many staff and faculty don't realize that they are welcome to use SFU physiotherapy services.

“Most people are living with their pain until their extended insurance plan changes or until they have chronic symptoms that they can't manage,” says Reid. “That's a very dangerous approach for musculo-skeletal problems.”

For folks who've injured their knees on the ski slopes this Christmas, for example, one or two visits to a physiotherapist could avoid later hip pain.

Reid explains that such injuries cause the hip muscles to compensate, resulting in tight hip muscles and potentially significant pain and dysfunction in the sacroiliac joint, a condition which can become chronic.

“One or two visits to a physiotherapist may teach you enough to change your daily living activities to avoid these kinds of problems,” says Reid. “You'll avoid a huge amount of grief for a small expenditure.”

An initial visit costs $45 with subsequent visits costing $35. Those staff and faculty requiring 12 or more visits may claim an 80 per cent refund from their health insurance.

“A lot of people on campus have the idea that we're here to exclusively serve students and the athletic population,” says Reid, a university employee for the past 20 years.

“We're here to treat anyone, including the general public. Just give us a call at 604-291-3284 or visit us in the west gym.”

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