Website brings fame to first year student

Feb 06, 2003, vol. 26, no. 3
By Terry Lavender

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First-year SFU Surrey student Mitch Jarvi has been given the VIP treatment by Ford Motor Company, featured in the Vancouver Sun and been interviewed for Shaw Cable's Studio 4 news show, all within the past month.

The reason for his sudden fame? The information technology student and his friend Mike Stephenson have created a website devoted to Ford's T150 truck, Harley-Davison edition, which has generated more than 300,000 hits each month since it was set up more than a year ago.

Jarvi and Stephenson set up as a hobby. “There are no advertisements and no money in it. I wanted to practice my web-designing skills on something that wasn't being paid for by clients. I picked the F-150 because I used to own one,” Jarvi says.

“I made the site specific to the Harley edition of the F-150 so it's an enthusiast's site for people who own one or would like to own one. They can discuss their trucks, what problems they have, how to improve them, what kind of accessories are available, or how much they cost,” he said.

In January 2003, Ford flew Jarvi and Stephenson to Detroit, gave them a tour of the company's home base, attendance at the largest car show in the world, the North America and international auto show, and a chance to drive the truck on the company's test track.

Jarvi, 21, is not just a web hacker. He's owned his own web hosting company, Combustion Hosting, for the past two years.

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