Drinking water tested daily

Feb 06, 2003, vol. 26, no. 3

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Drink in good health. SFU facilities management engineers are now testing Burnaby campus drinking water daily to ensure it continues to meet satisfactory residual chlorine levels. Previously, water was tested every four months.

SFU's mechanical superintendent Perrin Hayes says the new, ongoing program has been established to meet expected requirements for the B.C. government's new drinking water action plan.

“We'll be taking four water samples daily from among 120 locations on campus,” he says. “This ensures each location will have been tested each month.”

All collected data is entered into water trax, a database system that automatically alerts health authorities and the university if there is any deviation from established water quality levels. As well, monthly samples will be sent to an outside lab for fecal coliform testing.

“While our water is supplied by Burnaby, we feel we should do more testing on our own,” says Hayes.

Testing the water will cost about $18,000 annually.

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