Olympics mean SFU facelift

Feb 20, 2003, vol. 26, no. 4

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Plans for SFU's potential facelift, should Vancouver-Whistler get the nod to host the 2010 winter Olympics drew steady interest when members of the bid corporation set up an information display in the south concourse Feb.12.

Community consultation coordinator Sam Thiara, an alumnus of SFU, says the display attracted nearly 300 people within the first two hours, and staff were kept busy with questions.

“There is obviously keen interest in what this will mean for SFU if we get the games,” says Thiara, who has organized more than 30 open houses across the Lower Mainland, including an earlier one at SFU.

Bruce Wasylik, manager, sport technical, fielded numerous questions from passersby - including track and field coach Brit Townsend, who sees potential in acquiring what could become the only indoor track facility in the Lower Mainland. Wasylik says the interest is understandable.

“If successful, it will mean we'll be bringing the world to SFU,” he told onlookers. Brian Pound, who heads the bid corporation's 2010 Legacy Now program, credits SFU with its move to begin exploring the possibilities of what the new speedskating facility can become.

“The university is already looking ahead at the future,” says Pound. “SFU is known for its foresight, and the prospects are exciting.”

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