Surrey plan headed for senate

Mar 06, 2003, vol. 26, no. 5
By Terry Lavender

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The future of Simon Fraser University's new Surrey campus is going to senate now, following the completion of the work of the SFU Surrey long term planning committee.

The committee, chaired by associate VP-academic Bill Krane was established last year, shortly after the provincial government gave responsibility for the programs and students of the Technical University of British Columbia to SFU.

The committee released a draft report in February and then held a series of consultations and public forums at both the Burnaby and Surrey campuses. It will present its final recommendations at the May 3 senate meeting.

In the draft report, the committee recommends maintaining SFU's presence in Surrey, but expanding the current technology-oriented program into a “broader spectrum of academic offerings that will serve the needs of local, provincial, national and international students.”

The committee also recommends that the program be converted into a school in the faculty of applied sciences, that joint programs be explored with other schools, departments and faculties and that the Surrey campus convert to a trimester system.

The report cautions that SFU will quickly have to address the issue of space. SFU Surrey operates out of a converted department store which will be fully occupied by the fall of 2003, and will be inadequate the following year.

However, it will take 12 months to 18 months to prepare facilities in a new campus.

Krane is surprised at the depth of feeling among SFU Surrey faculty regarding the information technology and interactive arts program, a legacy from TechBC.

“There's a strong desire to remain as a single unit. It's a reflection of the dedication and investment people have made in their program,” he says.

More information can be found at Surrey planning.

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