Tidal favours SFU hiring

Mar 20, 2003, vol. 26, no. 6
By Stuart Colcleugh

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Jason Lindstrom (left), owner of Tidal Multimedia with partner Bart Wisniowski (third from left), Mara Creighton and Ken Moss. All are SFU students.

Jason Lindstrom's multimedia design company is guilty of discriminatory hiring practices. Lucky for him, it's no crime to discriminate in favor of SFU candidates to the exclusion of almost anyone else when you're looking for an employee or co-op student.

“Of course, we will hire people from other places,” grins Lindstrom, himself a fourth year SFU honours communication student, who started his company, Tidal Multimedia Inc., about a year ago with SFU business student Bart Wisniowski.

“It's just that there are a lot of really high quality strategic thinkers at SFU, and that's what we need. When we're looking for business development, marketing and communications people we always go to the (SFU) co-op program.”

Tidal Multimedia specializes in creating websites, cd roms, web animation, macromedia flash content, and other interactive applications. The company's team of techno wizards, which currently includes SFU co-op student Mara Creighton, combines print, audio, video, animation, and interactive navigation to produce everything from training programs to product demonstrations and other presentations.

The Gastown-area company's clients include SFU criminology school spinoff Crime Prevention Analysis Labs Inc., specialty lighting manufacturer TIR Systems Ltd., and B.C.'s forest and education ministries.

Lindstrom was bitten with the multimedia design bug during third year while completing a school project to create multimedia and flash presentations for Operation Rainbow Canada, a non-profit organization offering free reconstructive plastic surgery to disfigured children around the world. He used multimedia and flash software to incorporate animation, sound, photos and graphics into the presentations.

“It was a great introduction and I really liked the art and design aspect of the project,” recalls Lindstrom. “It was a nice match with my communications and publishing background. Bart comes from a finance and management information systems background, so we really complement each other.”

Lindstrom credits SFU business professor David Gibbons for much of Tidal Multimedia's initial success. “David has given us great insights into how to plan for a successful business,” he says, “and he's a good guy to talk to about business. Right from the outset he gave us advice on our business plan and long term plans.”

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