Engineering students win awards in national contest

May 15, 2003, vol. 27, no. 2

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SFU engineering science students won five awards in the Canadian engineering competition 2003 - more than any other competing institution.

Sponsored by the Canadian Forces, the three-day competition brought together more than 100 engineering students, all regional competition winners from across Canada, to compete for the national title in seven categories.

SFU engineering science students David Poon, James Hu and See-Ho Tsang took second place in the entrepreneurial design category.

They won with a hand-held EKG and breathing rate monitor on a Palm m500 series personal digital assistant. The device automates health care charting procedures, downloading EKG and breathing rate data into a Palm database.

The data can then be transferred onto a computer, permitting further analysis and distribution to other health care workers via the internet.

Chris Mitchell and Hani Mehrpouyan took third place in the entrepreneurial design category for their dual-unit laptop anti-theft device.

The innovation uses radio frequency technology to sense an owner's proximity to their laptop and then automatically arm the system.

Any movement on the laptop triggers notification of a possible theft attempt and the alarm is engaged. Chris Mitchell and Hani Merhpouyan also won the technical excellence award.

Eric Hennessey took second place in the editorial communications category and also won the competition's social awareness award.

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