Surrey graduand has vision

May 29, 2003, vol. 27, no. 3

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Adrian Jones - the first graduate of SFU Surrey's graduate program in computing arts and design sciences - has a vision of a very different cinema in the future.

Jones is interested in developing a conceptual model for cinema, based on object-oriented methodologies, to help artists create their own interactive movies - movies that could surround the viewer in 360 degrees and offer the viewer the chance to walk around and navigate the movie's landscape, what he calls object-oriented interactive cinema (OOIC).

His thesis describes a technique for achieving this. “Since the invention and rise of new media, digital interactive storytelling has evolved considerably, but it is still far from full actualization. OOIC is a form of new media. It is a form of digital cinema and it is part of the interactive cinema research discipline, yet it also stands apart as a unique model for incorporating interactivity into the cinematic narrative.”

Jones came to SFU Surrey (then TechBC) with an eclectic background. He has a bachelor of science in biology from Mount Allison university and a graduate diploma in communication studies from Concordia university. He's worked as a radio producer for a commercial station in Montreal, designed websites in Australia, worked with Salvadorian refugees and on a project to save the rainforests in Costa Rica. Today, in his spare time he coaches and plays volleyball as well as the guitar and keyboard.

Jones came to TechBC “because the program sounded interesting, and it was the only program I found in Canada offering graduate degrees in interactive arts.”

As for the future, “From here I am hoping to get a lecturer position at SFU Surrey for the upcoming academic year.”

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