New senators elected

Jun 12, 2003, vol. 27, no. 4

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Senate received the report of the Spring 2003 elections to the senate and the board of governors at its May 12 meeting.

Eight faculty members were elected for three-year terms: Peter Grimmet (education), James Budd, John Dickinson and Robert Woodbury (applied sciences), Wendy Chan and Guy Poirier (arts), Maureen Fizzell (business administration) and Paul Percival (science).

Ten undergraduate and two graduate students were elected for one-year terms: undergraduates Edward Fung (science), Pam Kaila (education), Gisele da Silva, Titus Gregory and Josephine Wong (applied Sciences), Chris Giacomantonio, Tiffany Kalanj Joanne Lemay, Sara Rozell, and Rick Yoo (arts) and graduate students Clement Apaak and Camilla Sears (arts).

Two undergraduate students were elected to the board of governors for one-year terms: Brynn Bourke (arts) and Titus Gregory (applied sciences).

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