Webber's intellectual adventure

Jun 12, 2003, vol. 27, no. 4
By Diane Luckow

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Check out Scott Webber's university transcript and you'll find a continuous string of A+'s and A's - enough to earn him the dean's undergraduate convocation medal in the faculty of arts.

A philosophy and humanities joint major, Webber is described as an intellectual adventurer by one of his professors, Martin Hahn. Webber's scholastic interests encompass a wide variety of subjects beyond philosophy, everything from archaeology and anthropology to linguistics, Latin and even ancient celtic culture and Old Irish.

A 15-month trip to Asia in the midst of his university studies also inspired Webber to study the Chinese language and culture at both Wuhan University in the People's Republic of China and at the National Taiwan Normal University's Mandarin training centre.

He now calls himself a competent speaker of Mandarin.
Today he is teaching elementary school and English language courses in Taiwan.

He describes it as a temporary job that “allows me to live overseas with a higher income than my diploma merits in Canada and enough free time to pursue my actual interests - reading, writing, hiking, cooking good food and falling in love now and then.”

Webber says his Asian exper-iences have left him poignantly aware of the injustices - economic, cultural, and spiritual - that exist in other countries, as well as Canada.

Convinced that he should do something about this, Webber plans to pursue graduate degrees in international law and/or human rights.

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