Temp pool beckons students

Sep 04, 2003, vol. 28, no. 1
By Julie Ovenell-Carter

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This term, the bookstore boasts the biggest group of part-time temporary student employees at SFU. From the left are Sara Colter, John Fan, Grace Taylor, Teresa Martin, and Sharon Chow.

Summer may be over, but there's still time to jump into the pool - the student temporary job pool, that is.

Each semester, qualified students registered in credit courses are given priority in hiring for temporary part-time clerical and technical positions at the university. There are dozens of positions available. Typical temporary work includes cashiering, customer service, data entry, reception, desktop publishing, web design, and library clerical duties.

Although temp pool placements are short-term - three months or less - they can often lead to permanent part-time or even full-time work at the university. Kathryn Ward worked in the temp pool as an undergraduate student in the early 1990s and is now happily employed full-time at the SFU bookstore.

“Many people who work at SFU started in the temp pool,” says Ward. “When it comes to hiring, the university will look at someone who has worked in the temp pool before they consider someone who hasn't. It's perfect while you're going to school - you're working right on campus and you have the opportunity to try different types of work to see what you might like to do.” The part-time positions also pay well: salaries range from $9.98 an hour to more than $20 an hour depending on the job description.

Recruitment to the student temp pool is on-going: students are invited to drop off a resume or complete an application form at human resources in Strand Hall 2170. However, after completing the initial application, students must check in with human resources every semester to update their availability. For more information, visit the human resources web page at human resources or call Sheva Bridgmohan at 604-291-4108.

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