Student orientation travels well

Sep 04, 2003, vol. 28, no. 1

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SFU master's grad Peter Abrams played the part of Simon, the host of a satirical game show at SFU theatre. Abrams is a member of the SFU Teaching Learning Players, that staged the performance during new student orientation days.

Time travel, virtual professors and reality TV were all part of the special live performance prepared for new students during orientation at the Burnaby campus in late August.

Under the direction of Jesai Jayhmes, special projects coordinator for SFU's learning and instructional development centre, the Teaching Learning Players presented an interactive, multimedia performance designed to inform and inspire the 1,800 students who attended.

“We want our incoming students to get the nuts and bolts of how to survive as well as a hefty dose of inspiration to ignite their university experience,” says Michael Dinning, associate dean of student services.

The two-year-old troupe, with a talented multicultural cast of recent SFU graduates, dealt with a broad range of issues including diversity, academic integrity, independence and self motivation.

The Teaching Learning Players have given a number of performances at SFU, such as for student recruitment and the e-learning summer institute.

“The Teaching Learning Players deliver critical infotainment that motivates and challenges students to get the most out of their university experience,” says Tim Rahilly, the new director of student development and programming. "This is integral to achieving the goals for our orientation program Discover SFU.”

The orientation included a tour, deans' meeting, community building events, and support information to help new students make the most of their academic careers.

For more information about the Teaching Learning Players contact him at Jesai Jayhmes or local 4606.

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