Open House offers freedom to discover

Sep 18, 2003, vol. 28, no. 2
By Julie Ovenell-Carter

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West Vancouver secondary students (left to right) Emma Conde, Kathryn Ovenell-Carter, Lauren Wright, and Nick Cowper check out SFU's new student recruitment brochure for the Oct. 4 open house on Burnaby Mountain.

You won't find it marked on any map, but the Discovery Trail is well worth a wander when SFU welcomes the community to Burnaby Mountain on Oct. 4 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Director of student recruitment Jeff Macnab expects as many as 2,500 prospective students and other members of the public will tramp the so-called Discovery Trail at SFU's Freedom to Discover open house.

“As people explore the campus along the Discovery Trail, they'll be able to learn more about who we are and what we do here in a fun, informative way,” says Macnab. “The trail will take you wherever your interests lead. You like drama? Dinosaurs? DNA? We've got something for you.”

Macnab has enlisted more than 250 student volunteers and dozens of faculty and staff members to serve as tour guides and to prepare events and activities to showcase the university's achievements in teaching, research, sports, and community involvement.

The school for the contemporary arts, for example, will offer a program of dance, film, music, theatre, and visual art in the SFU theatre; the molecular biology and biochemistry department will encourage visitors to try their hand at a DNA experiment; and the criminology department will challenge visitors to a game of Clue as they tour forensic and research labs.

In addition, prospective students and their families will have a chance to explore practical matters such as how to finance a university education, and how to fast-track career plans through participation in co-op education.

The event, which includes free parking and a free lunch-hour barbecue, is open to all, but is of particular interest to high-school students starting to think about their post-secondary careers, says Macnab.

For more information, visit To volunteer, contact Macnab at 604-291-3113 or

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