March 26, 2004

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Budget committed to highest quality education; sensitive to student needs
Simon Fraser University's board of governors has approved a budget for 2004/2005 based on principles of quality and accessibility.

The budget includes a 15 per cent base increase in tuition, bringing the fee per basic credit hour for undergraduate students to $142.30 from $123.70. The average yearly tuition (30 credit hours) for basic arts and science undergrads will be $4,269. The University will continue improvements to student financial aid by directing an additional $2.3 million toward scholarships, bursaries and awards.

This focus on student financial aid continues a commitment established in the last two rounds of fee increases. “Access to a post secondary education is essential to the future of our young people and the well-being of the province,” says President Michael Stevenson. “Continued improvement to student financial aid is one of the cornerstones to facilitate access.”

This year's budget also calls for decreases in some premium tuition fees to reflect the cost of course delivery and marketplace considerations. For example premium credit hour fees for computing science courses at the 200 level and above, plus the base tuition result in a smaller overall (9.8 per cent) increase for students taking these courses.

The differential fee for international undergraduate students enrolled since September 2003 remains the same. Full-time students (30 credits per year) pay $10,000 plus the base tuition.

The board also approved a 15 per cent increase in the student service fee and the recreation-athletics fee. Revenue from the additional fee will be directed to a variety of student services including the expansion of the new recreation/gym complex, improvements to web-based solutions for student communication and development of a student leadership program.

Tuition makes up approximately 28 per cent of SFU's total revenue. Even after a 15 per cent tuition fee increase SFU tuition will continue to be below the projected national average.

The board adopted the fee resolutions as well as the 2004/2005 budget at an open meeting held today.

Details of the resolutions, fee schedules and background to the budget are available at

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